Condo Owners Insurance

Why should I buy condo insurance?

You may be thinking, “My condo association has insurance. Aren’t I already covered?” The answer: yes and no. While your condominium association insurance covers the building, you need a separate policy to protect your individual unit, personal property, and personal liability. That’s where ASI comes in, to fill in that gap for you and protect what your association’s master policy does not.

What does condo insurance cover?

The inside of your condo unit is likely filled with many personal belongings. Chances are, you also hold many of these items close to your heart, whether or not you live there full-time. If you own and occupy your condo unit for at least four months each year, a condominium units policy can cover:

  • Personal property within your unit
  • Interior walls, fixtures, and other permanently attached building items inside your condo
  • Personal liability and medical payments

Why choose ASI?

With independent agencies across America, competitive rates and discounts, and the highest quality of experience for claims and customer service, ASI can help you obtain the right condominium insurance policy to fit your specific needs.

You may also be eligible for our Progressive Home program, which allows you to bundle your home and auto policy together. Call one of our trusted partners near you to check the availability of Progressive Home in your state, get a quote or find an answer to any question you might have about condo insurance coverage.