Battery Project Frequently Asked Questions

What year did ASI start the project?

We started the project in 1998. 

When does ASI send the batteries?

The annual battery project starts in the early fall and ends in late spring. Policyholders may receive the mailer anytime during this time frame.

What should I do if one of my policyholders did not receive the batteries?

Please email the following information about the insured to policy number, policyholder’s name, mailing address, email address and phone number.

Why do you send 9-volt instead of lithium or other types of batteries?

We send 9-volt because they are still the most commonly used smoke alarm batteries. Please read your smoke alarm’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The purpose of the campaign is to remind policyholders to test their smoke alarms monthly and to replace the batteries annually. 

What are the batteries made of?

The batteries are made of super heavy zinc-carbon. 

Do all policyholders receive the battery mailer?

Policyholders who have an HO3, HO6 or DP3 policy, occupy their home for nine months or more a year and have a U.S. mailing address will receive the batteries. 

How does an insured decline the battery mailer?

Email the insured’s policy number to The email’s subject line should say, “Remove from Battery Project.” 

Why do some policyholders receive four batteries while others receive two?

The number of batteries each policyholder receives is based on the number of stories and the square footage of their home. 

Where can I learn more about fire safety?

Visit our Battery Project page below.