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3 Reasons Insurance Agents Should Embrace Community-Based Marketing

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As an insurance agent, you know just how important marketing is to your business. You’ve researched best practices for marketing; you’ve created accounts on relevant social media channels; maybe you’ve even hired someone with a professional marketing background.

But have you embraced community-based marketing? Put simply, community-based marketing is marketing efforts that actively include your community. This can range from co-branded campaigns with a neighboring business, hosting a holiday toy drive, or including guest blogs on your website from a local entrepreneur.

Community-based marketing touts serious benefits aside from giving back to your community and making you feel good as a result. If you’ve yet to implement community-based marketing for your insurance agency, here are three reasons you should.

1. Your marketing efforts will be multiplied

They say there is power in numbers, and this is especially true when it comes to community-based marketing. Take a second to think about your current marketing efforts. If you’re an independent agent, chances are you do most or maybe even all of your marketing efforts yourself. Even if you’re a great representative for your personal brand, there’s only so much one person can do. Now, take a second to think about how much more your marketing efforts could accomplish if you worked with another organization in the community.

Any organization you align yourself with has its own customer base, and likely includes people you couldn’t reach on your own. Through embracing this partnership, you open up you and your business to a whole new market.

2. You’ll receive positive PR

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of people who prefer to keep things local. Many consumers are opting to shop at local farmers markets and independent businesses, rather than going to big corporations. Not only will shifting your marketing efforts toward a sense of community tap into this niche but demonstrating that you want to contribute to a cause shows that you care. Rather than being a faceless corporation, people in your community can see that you’re a real person, helping real people in the community.

3. You’ll generate more leads

At the end of the day, generating leads in your goal and working with other organizations in your community is a great way to do this. By working with others in your community, you’re giving your endorsement of their business, and vice versa. As a result, your personal brand or agency has more visibility within the community and more positive endorsements being spread, increase leads as a result.