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4 Benefits of Becoming a Progressive Home Agent

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Progressive Home provides numerous benefits that allow insurance agents the ability to grow their customer base and retain existing clients. If you aren’t already a Progressive Home Advantage agent, here are four great reasons you should be.

1. Lots of bundling options

Bundling isn’t just cost effective — bundling provides the benefit of convenience by reducing the overall amount of paperwork and streamlining policy management you and your clients have to do. Not only will your clients appreciate having all of their insurance policies under a single company, but by doing so, you will have easy access to their policy information. As a result, you will be able to easily identify any gaps in coverage, better protecting your clients as a result.

2. Competitive rates and discounts

In conjunction with the great discounts bundling offers, as a Progressive Home agent you can offer your clients flexible coverage options as well as multi-policy discounts. This essentially means your customers will have access to the best rates, with no minimum premium required.  

3. Around-the-clock service and streamlined customer service

As a Progressive Home agent, your customers have access to claims services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Better yet, you can do all of your quoting and servicing through — this way, both you and your clients have peace of mind.

4. Your clients get a single deductible

When your clients do bundle their insurance policies through Progressive Home, they also get the unique benefit from having a single deductible. This reduces the deductible up to the amount of the auto deductible if the covered loss affects both policies.