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How to Find New Talent for Your Agency

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Are you expanding your agency and struggling to have the manpower to keep up with your growth? Or are you simply looking for new talent to add to your already strong team of insurance agents?

Finding new hires can be a daunting task, but if you know where to look and how to approach your search, then the hiring process will be far easier for you to manage. Learn some great ways to find new talent for your agency below.

Risk Management and Other Related College Programs

One of the best ways to find motivated, young talent is through college programs that focus on degrees and certificates helpful in insurance careers. While your first option should be risk management programs, other degrees like accounting, marketing, communications and business management will also likely have recent or soon-to-be graduates who could excel in the insurance industry.

It can be helpful to reach out to these programs during the school year and make connections with the department administrators. That way, you’ll have access to someone who can recommend high-quality students to your agency after they graduate. You might also consider posting job applications and postings on public community boards on campus, or host a booth at one of the university job fairs held throughout the year.

LinkedIn and Other Social Media Networks

If you have yet to dive into the LinkedIn network for hiring new people, then now may be the perfect time to do so. With over 430 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is one of the biggest social media networks out there today and is almost entirely focused on professionals and careers.

Try utilizing LinkedIn groups to find others interested in risk management, insurance agencies, sales and customer service. You can also post your job openings online and allow users to submit their profiles as part of their applications. If your agency also is active with blog sites, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, it’s a great idea to post on those as well. You never know who might be looking to join an agency like yours or knows someone who may be perfect for the role.

Job Fairs and Conferences

Another great way to meet potential job candidates is through local job fairs and conferences. These network-building settings are fantastic for fostering conversation, making new connections and having introduction interviews on the spot. While hosting your own table or booth could have the greatest benefit for you, it may still be a smart idea to at least be an attendee for one of these events.

Word of Mouth

Are there a few agents who shine far more than the rest at your agency? Chances are they know other people who work in related industries and might be just the types of employees you’re looking for. Some people may think word of mouth is an outdated method for the hiring process, but it’s still a viable way of finding new talent. You should also consider reaching out to friends and family members who may know someone looking for a position like the one you have open.