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Choosing the Right Career in Insurance for You

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Working in the insurance industry offers many benefits, from job stability and growth opportunities to a variety of career options to choose from. But how do you know which position in this field is the right fit for you? Here are a few industry insights to consider in order to discover the perfect insurance job for you.

What is your background and experience?

Many people who excel in the insurance industry come from positions in real estate, mortgages, education and sales. These are also typically individuals who desire recognition, love competition, are dedicated to hard work and thrive on networking or talking with others. If one of these fits you and you are looking for a more stable job with a regular schedule, consider making the change to insurance.

Insurance Sales Agents

There are almost always agent openings at various insurance companies, from insurers to independent agencies that represent several companies. However, this role can often go beyond just closing a sale. Most agents and brokers help their clients submit claims after a loss and answer questions about specific policy-related questions their customers may have. This position is great for people who love helping others, excel at networking and communicating, are highly organized and those who thrive on competition.


Put simply, underwriters are the link between insurance companies and insurance agents. These individuals help insurers calculate levels of risk for policies and the policy premiums before the company offers coverage. They often pay attention to industry trends and have a knack for counseling clients on risk management solutions. If you are detail-oriented, analytical, proficient in computer software and have negotiation skills, this may be a good fit for you.


There are a few key positions in the claims department, such as an in-house adjuster, field adjuster or claims representative. Those who work in these insurance positions ensure that claims are handled properly and efficiently, while being informative to policyholders with updates on their claims so they can get their lives back on track. Claims department workers also aim to detect and limit fraud, which affects insurance premiums all over the U.S. Communication, time management, computer proficiency, integrity, construction knowledge and empathy are all valuable skills and traits successful claims workers tend to have.


Great at math and have a passion for statistics? Consider being an actuary. Similar to underwriting, actuaries analyze and manage risk, determining insurance premiums by looking at the risks posed by an insured. While this position highly depends on a strong math background, business knowledge and expertise is also vitally important. They tend to have degrees in business, management and communications before taking a series of extremely difficult exams before obtaining a job as an actuary.

Other Insurance Jobs

Like any other industry, there is also a need for countless positions that help support the larger roles. If the jobs listed above don’t seem like the right fit for you and you have experience in human resources, administration, marketing or customer service, chances are you can find an opportunity with an agency or insurer in these departments as well.