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5 Steps for Boosting Insurance Sales Leads

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If you’re an insurance agent, then chances are you have a strong understanding of closing sales and communicating with a variety of people. While these are extremely vital skills to have, your personal success and your agency’s success ultimately depend on a cyclical process of moving from generating leads to finalizing a sale, repeatedly.

Whether you want to freshen up your old skills or you are searching for inspiration to reach new audiences, here are a few top-notch strategies you should employ that are sure to help boost your agency’s sales leads this year.

Expand Your Network

It cannot be underestimated how important relationships are to the world of insurance. People want to do business with other people they can trust and relate to. You are the face and voice of your agency; be sure to see this as an opportunity you can take advantage of.

Present yourself to others at networking events, social gatherings and other events as someone people will remember and connect with. You can even ask those around you to refer their friends to you and be more active in your community. Every little step you take in reaching out to new people helps you grow a network of potential clients.

Build Partnerships

Although this may be a little more complex for some agencies to accomplish, building partnerships with other businesses (both in and outside of the insurance industry) can provide you with an opportunity for sales growth and greater success as a leader in your community. Consider partnering with another agency to combine talent and achieve bigger results.

You can even set up a partnership with a business in a different relatable industry — such as a Realtor, property manager or a construction company — and refer business to one another whenever possible.

Advertise on Social Media

This option isn’t always easy or inexpensive, but can be a smart investment if you are trying to market new audiences, such as millennials. Creating ads on major social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and more can have a few great benefits that are sure to generate a few quality leads. From improving brand recognition to engaging with current and potential clients, social media is a fantastic way to advertise yourself and your agency.  

Host Events

Some of the best ways to produce more leads and close more sales involve hosting events, either in person or virtually. Many of your potential customers have a difficult time understanding a variety of aspects involved with obtaining, sustaining and understanding insurance as a whole. Try an educational approach through hosting events like seminars and Q&A sessions, which can help clients see you as a trustworthy resource of information and someone they want to build a long-term relationship with.

Send Information Via Email

Think the days of email marketing are long gone? Think again. Statistics show thatusing email is one of the best ways to reach mobile customers, provide information about discounts they may be eligible for, and (quite possibly the best part) it’s free, or at the very least quite inexpensive. Whether you have a large quantity of contacts already on file or are willing to invest in purchasing email lists, email marketing is a great option for your agency to continue pursuing.