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Top Winter Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

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Whether you love or hate the snow, it’s something that many of us have to deal with during the winter months. Unfortunately, we also have to deal with the potentially damaging repercussions the winter weather can have on our homes. With the winter season steadily approaching, learn the top winter homeowner’s insurance claims and how to handle them below.

Frozen Pipes

Did you know frozen pipes are the costliest cold weather claim? This issue can occur nearly nationwide and claims average $18,000. Fortunately, there are many ways homeowners can prepare for a harsh winter season and potentially protect their pipes in the process. For starters, homeowners should perform seasonal maintenance by ensuring their heating system is serviced annually. Insulating any pipes that are susceptible to freezing and unhooking hoses from outdoor faucets can also help.


Hail damage accounts for more than 3 percent of all winter claims filed and costs an average of $7,741 for each claim. Unfortunately, hail happens, and the damage can be extensive and expensive. While homeowners can do little to prepare their home for a potential hailstorm, they can inspect their roof each season and patch any questionable looking areas that may cause leakage. Since roofs endure most hail damage, homeowners can invest in hail-resistant asphalt shingles.

Snow and Ice

When snow first falls, it can be wonderfully magical. But too much snow can damage your home. Excessive snow and ice can overflow your gutters, crush your roof, destroy your deck and tear down trees, leaving you with costly repairs. In fact, the average claim for snow and ice damage is $4,757. While homeowners can’t stop the snow from falling, they can take steps to prevent damage from snow and ice. Homeowners should be sure their home is adequately insulated and that any air leaks are sealed. Making sure the attic is ventilated will also help prevent ice dams from forming on the roof.