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Common Insurance Claims In The Fall

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The fall season brings lots of things: colder weather, beautiful foliage … and different types of claims adjusters commonly see. This is likely because that same colder weather causes pipes to freeze and burst, while beautiful foliage quickly turns into falling leaves that create hazards for unwary drivers (among other potential catastrophes). Whatever the case, as an insurance agent, you can help educate policyholders on the risks associated with the fall season. Read below to learn common insurance claims during the fall and some best practices to tackle them head on.

Water Damage

Each year, water damage is consistently the most common type of loss reported and the fall season is when the rise in water damage insurance claims begins. As the temperature drops, pipes freeze and can subsequently burst, while dishwashers, water heaters, ice machines, water supply lines and valves also often present problems. While preventing pipes from freezing and bursting can be difficult, policyholders can take small steps to lessen their chance of sustaining water damage in their homes by having a professional perform a comprehensive plumbing inspection. Shutting off the main water valve when on vacation is another easy way homeowners can prevent returning home only to find a disaster.


While the summer increases the likelihood of grill-related fires, the fall increases the likelihood of indoor fires via fireplaces, wood stoves, candles and the like. Ready.govnotes that property losses from fall fires total more than $7.3 billion each year. Smoke also causes an increase in insurance claims with nearly 30 percent of fall claims relating to smoke damage. Your policyholders can reduce the chance of fire in their home by inspecting chimneys each year and cleaning them on a regular basis. Before using the fireplace for the first time in the fall season, homeowners should ensure the flue is open. Being mindful of things like lit candles and overloaded electrical outlets is especially important too.