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Hurricane Season Resources for Your Clients

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Being a leader in the insurance industry requires more than just lead generation and high closing ratios — it means going above and beyond for your clients whenever possible. One of the key ways you can show policyholders that your agency is there every step of the way is by providing helpful resources and tools for them to use.

With hurricane season having some of the greatest impacts on shelter and safety, be sure you provide the following resources to your clients. Each of these resources are great for emails, social networking posts and even blogs you share with customers.

American Red Cross Hurricane Safety Checklist

The Hurricane Safety Checklist provided by American Red Cross is a great tool for policyholders to print out and hold onto in their homes in a safe location. It details the differences between a hurricane “watch” and a hurricane “warning,” lists the supplies homeowners should keep in their emergency kit, and gives tips for what to do during and after a hurricane.

The National Flood Insurance Program

If your policyholders don’t already know about the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), it’s important to provide information about the NFIP sooner rather than later. You should also remember that you should offer flood insurance to every client.

NFIP’s Measure Your Damage Tool

Many people underestimate how much even small floods could cost them. With the Measure Your Damage interactive tool provided by NFIP, policyholders can see how much floods could cost them, inch by inch.

NFIP’s Flood Facts

Whether you use these in other documents or you integrate these into your agency’s social media calendar, the flood facts provided by the NFIP are a helpful way of showing your customers the importance of flood insurance and the risks involved with floods.

FEMA’s Family Emergency Plan Template

Although many customers may know that having an emergency plan is a good idea, many do not know how to implement one. The Family Emergency Plan template created by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is a simple document anyone can fill out in preparation for an emergency. From emergency contact info to a designated list of meeting places, this template is the perfect resource for you to share with all of your customers.


One of the most detailed and dependable websites to rely on for weather-related information is NASA. Between weather forecasts and storm predictions, satellite images and historical archives, NASA has countless information that is both useful and educational for your customers.