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Why You Should Educate Policyholders Pre-Claim

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As you may know, one of the most important aspects of your role as an insurance agent is to assist your policyholders in the event of a claim. While this type of situation will more often come up when clients are filing a claim, it is just as crucial to educate your clients even before a claim ever occurs. Here are a few reasons why and some helpful tips for next steps to take.

Educating Policyholders Improves Customer Retention

When you give resources and information about claims from the very beginning, the whole process of filing claims down the road will be much easier. Although most claims will be stressful even with pre-claim education, some major clarifications made up front can assist in smoothing the process and alleviating concerns policyholders might have.

This in turn helps your agency retain customers through claims experiences, since your clients will already have the basic knowledge and resources they need.

Policyholders Often Hear Conflicting Pieces of Advice

Many policyholders do not understand the best steps to take or the best person to contact initially in the case of a claim, especially with water damages. If you aren’t the first person your customer talks to about their claim, then there may be some misunderstandings you may need to resolve.

Whether they hear advice about claims and damages from friends, family members, or former insurance agents, sometimes they will be unknowingly provided incorrect information when it comes to figuring out loss. It’s important to be the go-to guide for your customers so that they are given the right resources and suggestions every time.

Provide Resources and Suggestions to Policyholders

Other than answering questions and discussing key factors of claims to your policyholders, be sure to provide the right resources and suggestions to them prior to claims experiences whenever possible.

At ASI, our Claims Department can assist you and your clients with finding the best point of contact for each claim situation. Our team at ASI strives to guide our independent agents and policyholders in the right direction every time.

We are here to offer our resources to you and our policyholders first and foremost. If your client uses ASI, give us a call at 866-ASI-LOSS. We have a preferred vendor list we can share with you and provide suggestions on how to proceed with claims procedures.