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Top Home Insurance Claims During the Summer

Posted by: Cornelia Winn

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Summer is finally here. Now’s the time for the great outdoors and … common insurance claims. More homeowners experience property damage during summer than any other time of the year, so it’s important your clients have ample coverage. Read on to learn the top three most common insurance claims for the summer months.

Home Break-Ins

The summer months see a spike in travel and tourism more than any other months of the year. But while that vacation may be relaxing, a larger percentage of homeowners return only to find their home has been broken into and their valuables are damaged or gone. Unfortunately, unoccupied homes are a target for burglars, but homeowners can reduce the risk of a break-in by following a few simple tips:

  • Install a security system
  • Install motion-detecting lights
  • Have a neighbor collect mail, newspapers, and deliveries

Grill Fires

We all love an outdoor feast with friends around the grill — but grill fires can quickly turn into a dangerous and scary situation if not tended to correctly. During the summer, insurance agencies see a dramatic spike in claims related to grill fires. To reduce the risk of a cookout catastrophe, homeowners should never place grills near anything flammable and never leave grills unattended. If using a charcoal grill, homeowners should ensure the embers are completely extinguished before leaving it unattended.

Storm Damage

Ah, summertime. While we may be glad the winter months are long gone, summer storms present problems to homeowners. Excess rain, high winds, and potential hail can wreak havoc on homes, cars, and other valuables. Many homeowners have some sort of coverage regarding storm damage, but the coverage can be vague and confusing. Now’s the talk to your clients to make sure their most valuable asset has proper coverage.