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Category: Career Tips

How to Maximize a LinkedIn Profile to Reach New Prospects

Posted by: Agent Hub

Used effectively, LinkedIn can provide more than professional networking for independent insurance agents. In fact, agents can maximize the LinkedIn platform to reach new prospects.

Keep the Profile Localized

Agents should remember that they need to focus on nearby areas for maximum impact. Even those looking to expand their territory can benefit from localized content as this targets a specific group that agents can easily reach.

Prospects appreciate content that speaks to their needs, which includes issues involving the area where they live. Agents can demonstrate they have established themselves in the community by highlighting local experience and outreach programs on their profile. Without sounding too colloquial, agents can make sure that the tone and style in their overview section appeals to those living nearby. Any published content or links should relate to the surrounding area, too.

Join Local Groups on LinkedIn

Profile optimization aside, LinkedIn groups can directly connect agents with prospects and other influencers. LinkedIn organizes groups so users can easily find and join relevant and local groups. Agents should think outside the box when it comes to the type of groups they join. Insurance groups do not necessarily connect agents with prospective clients. Depending on the types of homeowners an agent wishes to reach, they can try searching for relevant groups using keywords such as “homeowners” or “property.” Also search the name of local towns and cities to find related local groups. Some closed groups require permission to join.

Publish Thought Leadership Articles

By publishing thought-provoking, informative articles, agents can further position themselves as insurance experts, drawing prospects to them. Actively using LinkedIn as a platform to share and publish information can definitely boost traffic to an agent’s profile, or website. Prospects will begin seeking the agent out with questions, instead of the other way around. Agents can collect leads based on those who like their posts or who begin following them.