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Benefits of Being a Progressive Home Advantage Agent

Posted by: Agent Hub

Progressive Home Advantage, or PHA, provided and serviced by ASI, provides multiple advantages that enable agents to build new customer bases and retain existing clients. Here are a few of the benefits of being a Progressive Home Advantage agent:

Bundling Options

Aside from the cost effectiveness, bundling provides the benefit of convenience by cutting back on the amount of paperwork and streamlining policy management. Clients will appreciate the fact that they can have all their policies under a single insurance company, making it easier to keep track of deadlines and details. Additionally, bundling means the client will only have to contact a single company when they need to make a claim. Perhaps most importantly, by having access to all the client’s policy information, bundling allows easy identification of any coverage gaps, allowing you to ensure your client has adequate protection.

Discounts and Competitive Rates

In line with discounts afforded by bundling, as a PHA agent you can offer your clients flexible coverage options and multi-policy discounts, which means your customers have access to the best rates, with no minimum premium required.  

Ease of Use

As a PHA agent, your PHA customers have access to an around-the-clock claims service. Knowing clients can access a claims specialist at any time gives you and your customers peace of mind. Additionally, you can handle all your quoting and servicing through Progressive’s This further streamlines customer service so you can quickly resolve even complex needs.

National Presence and Name Recognition

Due to a national advertising presence, the Progressive name carries a lot of weight with prospective clients. The ability to offer solutions from such a recognized, highly-rated insurance company only fosters loyalty and trust among your prospects and existing customer base. Plus, because you and your clients know the value of a product offered through Progressive Home Advantage and ASI, it practically sells itself. PHA agents can also leverage Progressive’s marketing tools and service offerings.

Single Deductible

When clients choose to bundle auto and home policies through Progressive Home Advantage, they can also benefit from a single deductible. This can reduce the Progressive Home Advantage deductible, up to the amount of the auto deductible, if the covered loss affects both policies.